Case Study: My Experience With Churches

Advantages of Going to Church

Christianity is a faith believe based on the life, teachings and miracles performed by Jesus Christ who is just like the focal point of the faith they do their congregations on halls called churches, synagogues where their teachings are also held to improve their faith in the holy trinity where they worship a supernatural being; God through Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit.

Christianity is taught in churches that they should repent their wrongdoers , publicly acknowledge Jesus as their savior, honor the ten commandment, that their is life after death where they will go and live in heaven with the Almighty God and that loving God should be the same as loving their neighbors.
Christians believe of God being their for them in all times of need and there is no want or suffering as He will bring help through Christ Jesus whom they have intimate relationship with, more than a friend who wont leave them.

The gathering of believers worshipping God is the family of any believer and do not identify themselves with their names but as brothers, sisters, moms or fathers and they take care of each other as how the Bible teaches them .

Attending church gatherings where Christian read the bible and worship connects them with God as it just gives that psychological and physical space to connect with God, humbling before Him and telling all your problems as he surely brings solutions and helps even though it can be done else where but just passing through that church door changes the whole environment, strengthening and reinforcing the connection.

The church gives on time to reflect ones life and see the gratitude’s he/she had for a past period of time and help to realize how blessed he/she is and how God has been faithful, this will help in times of hardship as one will be sure things will be soon on the best as church helps in changing the outlook of things.

A more sensible reason for why to attend church is that it connects one socially as during the service one is able to meet new people, make new friends especially if one has moved to a new town or a neighborhood and this is because most of the church people are friendly.

Church allows one to feel reverence and have peace both mentally and spiritually as one is transported to a place of worship full of peace filled with calmness a feeling not common in many places and through this one is able to have a review of his/her life as also giving one time to pray and express to God.

Church is a place where people are shaped and mentored on how to live responsibly and incase one marries a church-going spouse who have been instilled the same virtues, the couples end up making the best marriage full of happiness and satisfaction than marriages outside church.

Lessons Learned from Years with Services

Lessons Learned from Years with Services